Client Love

Check out what Morgan’s clients are saying about their Goddess hair!


“My hair is awesome!!!  I washed it for the first time this morning and just let it dry naturally and it looks great!  It is amazing how hair can make a huge difference in the way people perceive you.  I got carded at HEB yesterday buying beer.   My husband won’t leave me alone.  My 17 year old LOVES it!!  So do her friends.   I “modeled” for my older sister and she said the hair took 20 years off my age.    Thank you!  Thank you!  It has really changed my life.”


” I love it!  Extensions feel fine and it looks great!  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I’m very happy.”


“Morgan, WOW!!!!  I am so so so happy with my extensions!!!! With just a little time this morning I “crimped” my super cool long and full hair and it looks so beautiful!!!  I had braided extensions before, but these extensions are cooler, more comfortable and much much prettier.  Also there is no bulk.  I love my hair and I thank you so very much!  I look forward to being your client for a long long long time.”


“Not sure if you remember me but you did my hair in July… First 50 then 25 more extensions, but then I moved.  Anyway, I tried going to someone around here to get maintenance and they added more but the hair they used was cheap and they all fell out…he had to redo them!  I’ll need this done again before Christmas and was wondering if I flew in you could set up an appointment for me?  Definitely saw the difference between a bad and a good stylist!!”


“Wanted you to know that I am loving my hair! I have not lost one strand, which in my past hair life was not possible! The quality of hair is amazing… always silky and full…. and easy to style.”


“I am so pleased with my new extensions!  I washed it this morning & the hair was a dream to work with — so silky and thick — and long!  Love the length. Perfect!  It looks and feels like my own hair — I wish!!   Although more expensive — the hair and you are so worth it!!  I just didn’t know any better. Amazing…  Your attention to detail — making sure my real hair blended in, locks the same color as the hair, blended strands and precise placement of colored strands… I will definitely refer you to any of my friends interested in extensions!”


“I want to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying my hair extensions.   I think taking the baby steps for me was the right direction and you put  in just the right amount.  I am able to work with them quite easily and am enjoying having the extra hair.  I am thinking of going four or five inches longer on our next visit.”


“I just wanted to check in and say that I LOVE MY Extensions!!!   Thank you again so much! I have gotten so many compliments on my hair.”


Morgan, you did my hair when I returned from Iraq and I am currently stationed in Alabama.  I just had to have my locks redone and new ones put in, I HATE THEM!!  I want you to know that you did an amazing job and I can’t even come close to finding anyone whom can make my hair look like you did.  That being said I am going to be in town this week and I wish you could give me a full set!  I know that there is no way you can get hair in that fast but I would give just about anything to have you help me.  I hate the hair I have now… it is so thin and it falls out all the time, a lot of it too.  I wish you lived here!”


“I wanted to let you know how much I love my hair! I think you did an incredible job. My husband loves it too! I think you picked the best colors and the cut is awesome. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.”


“I like wearing my hair long, but it has always been too thin to make that style look good. Morgan has been styling my hair for years and when she told me that hair extensions were the answer to my prayers, I was skeptical. I had never had extensions before, but now I am a believer! My hair is long AND thick – before my hair wouldn’t hold a curl but with extensions, I can have gorgeous curly hairstyle all day long. Having great hair has changed my whole attitude – every day is a good hair day and that makes me more self-confident. Thank you, Morgan. You changed my life!”

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