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Goddess Selena

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Goddess Selena’s transformation from super cute to super sexy!  Be sure to scroll to the end!

Selena before frontSelena after front

Selena before left sideSelena after left side

Selena before right sideSelena after right side

Selena before backSelena after back

Check out these professional photos of Goddess Selena with Hairlocs by 666 Photography

Lion Tamer!Lion Tamer!

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Goddess Fiona

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Fiona went from adorable to stunning with 250 strands and a darker color!

Fiona before front Fiona after front

Fiona before rightFiona after right

Fiona before leftFiona after left

Fiona before backFiona after back

Fiona back 2Fiona after back 2

Fiona came back for a second set of extensions – look how much her hair has grown since last year!    This time, Fiona went with curly extensions, so she can wear her hair stright AND curly,

and added some red locks for flair!







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Goddess Delia

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Goddess Delia before and after 250 curly extensions – look at that volume!

Delia before backDelia after back

Delia before sideDelia after side

Delia before frontDelia after front

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Goddess Thea

Published by under Add Length,Goddess Thea

Check out gorgeous Goddess Thea – her new long, thick hair is sure to turn heads!

Thea before back Thea after back

Thea before frontThea after front

Thea before side viewThea after side

Thea during - Morgan installingThea during rows

Here’s Goddess Thea after her first maintenance – she opted for a slightly shorter length



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Goddess Calliope

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Here’s Calliope with her old extensions (not Hairlocs!) at her consultation and after the extensions were removed

Calliope bad extensions Calliope extensions removed

Morgan got to work… and here’s Calliope with 250 extensions before the blended cut.

Calliope during extension application Calliope with extensions before blended cut

Look how gorgeous she is after the blended cut!

Calliope after blended cut back Calliope after blended cut front

Calliope from the sides

Calliope from her right side Calliope from her left side

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Goddess Aurora

Published by under Fun and Funky!,Goddess Aurora

Morgan gave Goddess Aurora a great new swing bob cut. Aurora wanted to add a little sass to her sexy new ‘do, so Morgan added some red Hairlocs.

Aurora frontAurora side

Isn’t it amazing what only 25 extensions can do!

Aurora sideAurora front 2

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Goddess Chrysalis

Here’s Goddess Chrysalis before and after color and extensions

Chrysalis Before BackChrysalis after back

Chrysalis before sideChrysalis after side

Chrysalis before frontChrysalis after front

Look at the amazing difference in her appearance with full beautiful hair! 

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