Goddess Electra

Electra is a Goddess of many styles. Check out the many different looks she has achieved using Hairlocs™.

Here she is before Hairlocs™.

Electra before backElectra before frontElectra before side

Now here is how she used Hairlocs™ to enhance length and volume.

Electra after2 backElectra after2 frontElectra after2 side

Electra after3 backElectra after3 frontElectra after 3 side

Electra after side view look 5Electra after back view look 5

Here is Electra after removal of the Hairlocs™ she had been wearing for almost eight months. Her hair, which has grown out considerably, is in great shape and she’s ready for another new look.

Electra after removing Hairlocs backElectra after removing Hairlocs frontElectra after removing Hairlocs side

Morgan installing Electra’s Hairlocs™ and the completed installation of the new extensions before the blended cut.

Morgan installing Electra’s Hairlocs™.Electra with Hairlocs™ installed before the blended cut

After the blended cut, Electra shows off her new sexy, chic style.

Electra after longer Hairlocs installed backElectra after longer Hairlocs installed frontElectra after longer Hairlocs installed side

Another look from Electra


For Electra’s latest incarnation, Morgan added a custom integration piece for fullness and volume on top.  Here’s Electra before the extensions are installed.



And here she is with the latest set of extensions prior to the blended cut.



Her final look after the blended cut and with the custom integration piece.   Ask Morgan how a custom integration piece can help you achieve your desired style.



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